Canvas & Leather Packaging Cubes – A Smarter Way to Travel

After having experienced lack of travel the last couple of years, many of you are taking the opportunity to be packing up and hitting the road whenever your heart desires.

Spontaneous road trips, wild day trips and exploration to new places has been the perfect way to ease the stress of daily life and enjoy the world once again. We have been doing the same…and in our travels we have been thinking about what would make life a little easier while travelling…

Have you ever packed your things ever so neatly, only to find them completely mixed up on your arrival? Or maybe you find it hard to keep your belongings organised while on-the-go. Heck – maybe you even find it hard to pack in an organised way – it’s not easy!

 Packaging Cubes


The Organised Outcome?


Our packaging cubes are the outcome of our brainstorming sessions…They are the ‘Marie Kondo’ of your suitcase, keeping your belongings tidy and in order. With these nifty cubes, you’ll be able to sort your items and keep them in the same place while travelling!  Here’s how…


Packaging Cubes  

Three Suitable Sizes


Firstly, these clever cubes come in the three perfectly suited sizes for your everyday needs.

Canvas Pods


The large size is great for plug-in appliances, hairbrushes, and combs, while the medium size is suited to toiletry bottles, sunscreen, skin care and haircare products. The small size? Perfect for those little nick-nacks that get lost – all the time. That’s your mini travel toiletries, razors, toothpaste, and toothbrush! If you want to get super organised there’s also the option of using the cubes for your clothes, or at least small items like underwear and socks that can get easily mixed up on-the-go.


Books, camera, jewellery & accessories – things that never had a ‘place’ before, now have one with ease. You’ll know where your important belongings are always, saving you precious time and energy.


All three sizes fit seamlessly into all Aurelius Leather overnight travel bags, like our iconic Branson Leather Weekend Bag and even our large totes like the stylish Layla Tote. While the small and medium even fit into our mini tote range as well as our famous leather backpacks!


Canvas Packing Cube


Packing (and unpacking) just got a whole lot more peaceful with these three size cubes. Just imagine your travel bag/suitcase and these lined up and ready. From there, it’s as simple as allocating a cube for each item, by size or category.


Clever Construction


Lightweight, yet durable, these large packaging cubes are cleverly constructed with a combo of durable leather and hardy canvas. The leather piping around the outside of the cube creates a sturdy container that sits upright with ease, while the flexible canvas material makes it both light and easy to fit into your suitcase or travel bag. Strong zippers with a handy canvas extension make opening and closing a breeze…and wait for it…they also have a clear base, helping you to easily identify contents without opening!



Delightful Design


Designed here in Australia, the combination of 100% Army Green Recycled Canvas and Dakota Milled Leather is aesthetically pleasing and will last for years to come. These two durable materials are easy on the eye and the environment, providing more space for eco-friendly additions in your travels. A re-usable cutlery set, straws can easily fit into the small cube, while your re-usable mug, bottle and containers can fit into the medium. 


Waterproof Wisdom


Finally, even though the exterior of the cubes is made from a soft canvas, the interior is made from 100% waterproof material keeping your travel bag safe from leakage.


If an item spills in the cube and it’s zipped shut, it won’t affect other items in your bag (insert sigh of relief here…) The clear base also ensures that if an item has leaked, you’ll know before you open. No more nasty surprises!

Packaging Cubes   

Everyday Ease


Now that you know a little more about these travel cubes, wouldn’t you agree they could be used for much more than organising your suitcase? We think the cubes, especially the small and medium, are great options for everyday travel to work and the gym.

 Packaging Cube

For professionals on the go, the larger size can be used as a laptop storage, while also fitting charging cables and accessories. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about leakage mishaps, as your technology will be protected by the waterproof lining.


If you’re looking to save space, weight and time, these large packaging cubes are exactly what you need. You can check out the travel cubes in all three sizes on our website or contact us if you have any questions – we’d love to help. Happy Travels!


Packaging Cubes

Written by Sharm Schaffler

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