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Our brand-new collection of Canvas and Leather bags are not only on-trend and comfortable for your travels, but they are created from a unique combination of eco-friendly materials. These two unique materials; 100% Army Green Recycled Canvas and Ethical sourced Dakota Milled Leather, have been carefully chosen to suit the part for this collection.


How are these materials eco-friendly?


Natural Canvas


It’s hard to pass by canvas when selecting a versatile, eco-friendly material and that’s why we have made it the foundation of our new collection.


Canvas is already a biodegradable, eco natural material and since we’ve chosen 100% Army Green Recycled Canvas, it’s even better. By utilising material that needs recycling, we reduce wastage of great fabric and put it to great use in our specially designed bags.


Canvas is also a durable material, extremely sturdy and able to carry heavy items for long periods of time. It’s also known to be very long lasting, especially due to its energy efficient capacity. Canvas is also vegan due to it being constructed of cotton and linen.

Ethically Certified Leather


It wouldn’t be an Aurelius Designs’ product if it didn’t include our iconic leather. The Dakota Milled Leather that we have chosen for this design is responsibly made using eco-certified leather. This leather is certified by the Leather Working Group. You can check out the process here but in summary, it means that we support the improvement of environmental stewardship by engaging with LWG and their overarching standards for leather manufacturing. Our leathers sourced are also a by product of the meat industry so in essence we are sustainably creating a product that will last a lifetime.


Mindful Production & Packaging


Too many companies are still utilising plastic in the core of their production. We are proud to use 100% Use Organic Cotton lining instead of single use plastic bags in the process of designing and creating these three products.


Managing our carbon footprint is also more important to all of us than ever. We believe that it is up to retailers like ourselves to lead the way in lowering all our carbon footprints and creating systems and products that do so.


Make a statement!


Now, more than ever, we as consumers need to make a statement. And not in the usual way. The products we use, and wear contribute to the statement we make as an individual towards the environment. It’s so easy to spread the word and become an environmental advocate simply by choosing brands that have responsibility as a core value of their company. With this new range of eco-friendly products by Aurelius Designs, you can be proud to showcase positive values and spread love for the environment and truly make a statement.


More about the products…


The first three products to integrate these materials for an eco-friendly outcome are ones that we know will be used most often! These bags are ones that we all need at some point in our lives, whether it be for work, travel, or small adventures.


London Roller Bag


The Overnight Travel Bag on Rollers is extremely versatile and functional. It has everything you’d expect in a travel bag and more plus the strong leather handles make it easy to carry both vertically and horizontally and the extendable metal handle is a quick way to transport heavy luggage with ease!


• Byron Backpack


Both functional and super-comfortable this backpack will be your greatest companion for wild adventures while also being a practical bag for simple day trips. Urban or bush, this backpack will safely carry your things – without the guilt.


• Hendrix Laptop Bag

So many of us work with laptops these days so wouldn’t it be handy to have an eco-friendly, quality laptop bag? Mindful laptop bags aren’t easy to come across and so we though this one was long overdue. The leather in this bag is integrated in all the right places to ensure it holds your laptop and other belongings with ease. Plus, it’s a statement look, in more ways than one.


The bottom line


The environment is important to us and so we are doing everything we can, both in our production and our resources, to create quality, eco-friendly products. The result of this is our first collection of these three products, the Roller Bag, Laptop Bag and Backpack. They are all made from 100% Army Green Recycled Canvas and Ethically sourced Dakota Milled Leather. Our production of these three products also includes zero plastic bag use. If you, like us, value conservation of the environment, then these products are for you! You can check out more details on our website and always contact us if you have any questions – we love to help.


Written by Sharm Schaffler

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