I first started Aurelius Leather in 2018 as I've always been drawn toward vintage pieces. traveling with my parents at a young age to India I was really taken back by the culture, people and Craftsmanship.  From me - Aurelius is more then a product its the result of vintage meets culture.  A Journey of Honor which celebrates the handmade traditions in our leather which dates back to back to British Era.

Our goal is to design and deliver products with a difference that enable you to live a that life just a little bit more distinguished then before. Rowena joins Aurelius as our visionary - She is an extremely talented photographer and Creative who brings all our marketing to life. Together we live in the Beautiful Hinterland in Gold Coast Australia. We both love to travel and our designs are a reflection of our passion. 

aurelius leather

"For us there is nothing more thrilling then providing you with a well made, personalized accessory that will last a life and be on hand to make your life easier. "

- Sharm and Rowie

Handmade Leather


At Aurelius Leather we take pride in the fact that we are able to use and support small local families in India whom make our amazing designs come to life. 

This ensures the profits are returned to them directly and the honor of there craftsmanship kept alive.  For us this is our sustainability in allowing and making our visions and products look after and provide for those families who bring our concepts to life. 

All our Leather used is 100% Buffalo Hide. We source it from Tanneries which date back to British Era - This provides us with our beautiful one of a kind vintage leather. Unfortunately most batches vary however we tend to look for beauty in this imperfections as no two pieces are alike.

All buckles and hand-ware used on the bags are traditional brass and we use long last zips and line the bags within a natural satin fabric to ensure they last a lifetime. 


We take a lot of pride in our designs. We want to ensure that you are getting access to a product that will add value into your life and hopefully be passed down from one generation to the next. 

As a company we are continuously searching to fill gaps within the market place and solve your products through the use of design and craftsmanship. 

Treatment for the leather we would suggest any organic natural leather care product. All all bags are stained with natural oils to prevent cracks and damage at the beginning of production.

These will wear off overtime which will soften the leather and build to its natural character.


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