Vintage handmade Leather goods - Designed in Australia



Support Small

At Aurelius Leather we take pride in the fact that we are able to use and support small local families in India. Through the use of a small production unit this ensures profits are given directly back to those families which honor there craftsmanship and keep it alive. 

Being a small Australia business supporting small keeps us designing and delivering unique products into the marketplace.  



Our leathers used are sourced from Tanners which date back to British Era - Keeping the Handmade traditions alive. Our production unit which makes our Designs come to life is a small knit family which ensure every detail is maintained and handmade with care. From there family to ours we hope that we maintain and deliver products with a difference and can be past from one generation to the next. 


Business Transparency

All buckles and hand-ware used on the bags are traditional brass and we use long last zips and line the bags within a natural satin fabric to ensure they last a lifetime. Due to the nature of our products and using natural materials we tend to find each bag may vary - for this reason we find beauty in these imperfections as no two pieces are alike.

Handmade to last a lifetime.

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