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When selecting a new Baby bag you want something that will make your life easier as lets face it new borns and babies are work! Our Oscar Baby Backpack truly hits the mark when it comes to style and functionality. From bottle storage, custom pram straps, water proof materials, custom leather change matt we have truly thought of everything you need for the Ultimate Baby Backpack. 

If its a everyday run around bag you are after - something a little smaller then look no further then our handmade leather totes. Without question our Chester Leather Tote and Bodhi Light Mini Tote will be just right for you. They are perfectly sized to fit underneath the pram and have the ability to house wipes, nappies and snacks for the day. 


Due to the nature of working natural materials. We suggest with our handmade leather baby backpacks and leather totes that in order to maintain and care for these products we recommend a soft leather conditioner cleaner. Applying this to your leather bag will ensure and support the quality and durability of your bag for years to come. 

If you need more information on cleaners or a natural cleaner you can make from home visit our recent blog posting Best way to care for your Leather bag