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Leather Camera Bag

Camera Bag to Protect your Gear on the move

A picture is worth a thousand words, and we can say the same for our full grain leather camera bags. Capture every moment with the reassurance that your gear is protected whatever the journey might throw at you.

Our leading design Hector Leather Camera Bag was build for the adventurer in mind. Someone who had the destination in mind, wished to travel light however bring with them there favourite two lens's and hit the trial.

Equally enough if a throw over backpack is your thing our Edmond Leather Backpack had more then enough able space plus the extra bonus of storing your laptop in a padded compartment.


As with all our leather designs we do recommend the treatment of a leather care conditioner every 1 - 3 months. Being a natural product it does require a little up keep to ensure the leather is maintained for years to come. Please do check out our Leather care page for a full guide and also a natural home made recipe you can made at home to clear for your Leather Bags and totes.