Eco-Certified Leather

Aurelius Designs has been built around the foundation of leather. We continue to stand by leather as one of the most functional and high-quality products for creating our bags. 

Leather is one of the most sustainable materials on the planet due to its longevity. Therefore, it has been used for centuries by countless cultures for not only bags but many other products too. We are proud to say that our bags can last a lifetime (or more) if given the correct care and maintenance. We personally think this is one of the greatest things you can do for the environment – purchasing a quality product that lasts a lifetime. 

Additionally, the Buffalo leather hides we source for our bags, are and always have been an inevitable by-product of the meat industry. Knowing that these leathers are sourced from India, a place in which they idolise the cow and therefore treat them well, gives us peace of mind, as we hope it can also do for our customers. 

What is eco-certified leather?

We are proud that our products have Leather Working Group (LWG) certification. This leading certification provides confidence that these leather products are of the highest standards of sustainability, ethical production, and resource management. You can check out the full LWG process here

Alternative Leather Options

Our new option of vegan leather will be coming soon which will be based on all vegan materials including canvas, PU leather and apple leather. This further supports our mission to supply options for all our customers and their personal choices.  

Sustainably Sourced Materials

What does it mean for a material to be sustainably sourced?

Ultimately, it means the integration of social, ethical, and environmental factors when it comes to choosing a supplier. Since we have partnered with LWG and our suppliers are transparent in their processes, we are proud to tick all the boxes necessary to be a company that uses sustainably sourced materials. 

It’s important to us that our leathers are ethically sourced and that we are manufacturing our leathers in production units which are LWG classed. That is to ensure that they employ and maintain fair human rights working conditions and water management procedures among many other contributing factors. 

Additionally, we realise the world is constantly changing, so we are always thinking of new ways we can improve our products to be better for the environment, both now and in the future!

Mindful Production & Packaging

Too many companies are still utilising plastic in the core of their production. We are proud to use 100% Use Organic Cotton lining instead of single use plastic bags in the process of designing and creating our eco-friendly product range. Managing our carbon footprint is also more important to all of us than ever. We believe that it is up to retailers like ourselves to lead the way in lowering all our carbon footprints and creating systems and products that do so.

Making a Positive Impact 

Now, more than ever, we as consumers need to make a statement. And not in the usual way. The products we use, and wear contribute to the statement we make as an individual towards the environment. It’s so easy to spread the word and become an environmental advocate simply by choosing brands that have responsibility as a core value of their company. 

Our mission at Aurelius Designs is to provide products that hold these important values so that you, as a consumer, have positive choices available. With this new range of eco-friendly products by Aurelius Designs, you can be proud to showcase positive values and spread love for the environment and truly make a statement.