Travel Summer Backpack

Travel is back just in time for Summer, and anyone who’s travelled enough will know that a well-packed bag can make the difference between a good holiday and a fantastic holiday! After all, our bags are what carry all our essentials in for the entire trip! What’s in the bag helps us to keep comfortable, healthy, and safe.


So, what are our top travel tips for the Summer?


  1. Keep your Essentials Within Reach


There are some things that are most important while travelling – you know, the things you can’t buy a replacement for! These are usually items like your phone, keys, wallet, and travel documents. Make sure your bag has a space for these important belongings, so that they don’t end up falling to the bottom, leaving you flustered while travelling (and questioning if you left them behind!). All our overnight bags include many small compartments that can carry these essentials. The best part is that they have both internal and external pockets, with secure YKK zips that help keep your essentials both safe and within easy reach. Even our large and small Leather Tote Bags have an internal zip pocket specifically designed for these grab-on-the-go situations. So, no matter how much size you need in the overall bag, you can rest assured your most important items are close by.

 Leather Totes


  1. Take your Re-usable…Everything!


Re-usable items aren’t only great for the environment, they make travelling a breeze… Whether you’re going on a short weekend trip, or a long holiday, there are bound to be moments where your re-usable products will come in handy – maybe more than you realise! Plus, you’ll be helping save the planet by avoiding those one-time disposables that are no good for anyone. Of course, the list is endless when it comes to re-usable products these days. So, we’ve narrowed down our top three re-usable products for you to take with you this Summer.


• Water bottle– Most people now carry a re-usable water bottle on the daily. This essential is number one on the list as it avoids the use of so many plastic water bottles while also allowing you to stay hydrated on-the-go – especially important while travelling in Summer!


• Re-usable mug – some people take these with them to work but totally forget about them when it comes to travel. Having your own re-usable mug means you can say yes to a coffee or tea while travelling, without the guilt.


• Re-usable straw & cutlery set – Having a meal at the airport or rest stop? You will thank yourself for bringing your cutlery kit. Not only will you avoid single-use cutlery and straws, but you’ll also feel 10x more comfortable eating with your own travel set – trust us.


All our bags have space for the above re-usable essentials. If you have a small family, you’ll know about even more of these, like baby bottles and cloths. Our Oscar Leather Baby Backpack has been especially designed for young families, with space for all your baby necessities and more! You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it during travel.

Leather Baby Bag


  1. Make your Carry-on Count


If you’re going on a flight, why not make your carry-on count? All of our Travel Bags, including the iconic Cali Leather Weekend Bag are spacious enough to carry all you need for a short trip, while also being overhead and carry-on compatible. Yep, you guessed it! This means you will be able to save money on your flight, plus, save the time checking in your luggage – double bonus.

Cali Travel Leather Bag


Even if you do need the extra luggage bags for a longer trip, our Travel Weekend Bags allow you to make the most of your carry-on luggage. An overnighter like the Branson Leather Weekend Bag has super-practical external pockets that helps you reach for essentials with ease. Plus, all our travel bags come with the option of a leather strap to support you on your trip.

Branson Leather Travel Bag


  1. Choose a Travel Bag that Brings You Comfort


A good Travel Bag should be an extension of you rather than something you lug around. Regardless of if you travel once a year or every week, your travel bag should reflect your unique style, and should be comfortable for the entire trip. It’s also crucial that the bag supports your back and shoulders with carefully designed handles and straps, which you will see on all Leather Bags by Aurelius Designs.

Leather Travel Bag  

It’s also important to consider the sustainability of your travel bag. Instead of buying a new one every few trips, why not choose a bag that will last a lifetime? (Yes, they exist!) With the correct leather care and maintenance, a Vintage Leather Bag by Aurelius Designs can last a lifetime or more, becoming the companion you need for all kinds of endeavour. There’s nothing better than looking at your travel bag and seeing behind it so many great memories. It’s also bound to inspire for your next big adventure!

Leather Care

Written by Sharm Schaffler

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