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While women use different types of totes, purses, and clutches of different shades and shapes when traveling, things become a bit complicated while it comes to the men’s bags. Modern men are capable of figuring out every possible thing while it comes to their lifestyle and looks. And one of the most difficult tasks that men face is selecting the right masculine bag. Men also need quality travel tools to make their trip easier. The weekender bag is one such tool that is a must in every man’s arsenal while traveling. The leather weekender bag is the best choice here as this bag looks masculine, elegant, versatile, practical and modern.

Leather weekend bags also known as the leather duffle bags are available for quite a long time. But these bags are getting really popular in the recent time because these bags are the perfect blend of different ingredients to be the best thing in the department of men’s accessories. Besides, these bags also work as the statement of flexibility, elegance, sophistication, modern taste and style and personality. Apart from that, the leather weekender bags are the symbol of beauty as the leather works as the appraised fabric for a number of reasons.

Bohemian Fashion Leather Designer Bag

Details of the weekender bags:

The weekender bags are the travel bags for the gentlemen that are designed to hold enough toiletries, clothing and also the incidentals meant for a weekend trip or a romantic city tour with the love of their life. In fact, these bags can be defined as the quintessence of versatility. The style of this bag is just a step up from a simple backpack with regard to both style and carrying capacity. Styles of these bags often vary widely, but most of these weekender bags are available in business style or in a sporting/nautical style. And one of the best things about these bags is that these simply go with almost everything. So, whether you wear a jeans and boots combo or an exec suite, these just look perfect.

Why are the weekender bags so popular?

The weekender bags are meant for weekend trips and weekend trips don’t need much than a few sets of clothes, toiletries, and some basic accessories. Even though the weekender bags are also capable of fitting a sports coat inside quite easily, these are not actually designed to lugging around the suits. Rather, these bags can be used for personal and casual business trips. So, if you are headed away to somewhere for a few days, then the weekender will be the best choice without any doubt. These bags are spacious enough to carry all the essentials that you may need during the trip along with some extras. And above all, these bags are small enough to fit perfectly into the overhead compartment.

AURELIUS and the weekender bags:

So, if you want to flaunt your signature style even in your travel luggage, then carrying the leather weekender bags is a must. And AURELIUS is one such name that you can consider in this regard. The weekender bags manufactured by this brand are designed for discovery, adventure and traveling. The accessories designed by this company are complementing and these are also designed to last a lifetime. Here are some popular styles of leather weekender bags that you must not like to miss.

  1. Leather Collingwood traveler bag: This is the ideal bag for the gentlemen for a short weekend trip. The appearance of this bag becomes more alluring due to the availability of a padded leather strap and aged rustic character. Although this bag looks small, this comes with a good storage capacity.
  2. Leather Branson travel bag: The best thing about this rustic leather weekender bag is that it is made of aged and overstated buffalo leather. This bag comes with a handy vintage pocket on the outer side. This helps the users to get a quick access to the small necessities without disturbing the contents in the inside pockets. Besides, this bag also comes with a padded and full-length shoulder strap.
  3. Leather Thornbury travel bag: This is the perfect leather weekender bag for the gentlemen for short weekend trips. Available in a coco leather finish, this simple looking bag comes with a padded leather strap and an aged rustic character. Besides, it has a really big storage capacity.

 Bohemian Leather Bag Fashion

It can be said that these are the best leather weekender travel bags you can get. No matter which one you choose, the styling of these bags is really classic and beautiful. Besides, the leather of these bags is supple, gorgeous, durable and also have the right amount of structure included. So, these are undoubtedly the most well-structured weekender bags that you could end up using for a really long time. Besides, you can also pass these on to your kids as a legacy.

Written by Sharm Schaffler

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