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Before Aurelius I lived and worked in Los Angeles for 5 years running our family business Bandhini Home-wear Design a textile driven company. I was a ripe 23 year old at the time however understanding and working in what was a new business over there really enabled me to understand the process of a business, textiles and design and the importance of clients and customers world-wide. 

Our business developed well over there (continuing to do so) however the hustle of living in Los Angeles got the better of me and I knew within It was time to come back and settle my roots back into the Gold Coast, Australia - Home. 

I then continued to spend 2 years working Bandhini and although I was in a family business I knew it was time for me to start craving my own path. 

Taking what I have learnt in combination of traveling the United States, India and Australia this has really enabled me to understand the value of design and process of pressing forward modern and contemporary visions which inline with traditions and craftsmanship within India. 

Started in 2018 it's now 2020 that we are enabling ourselves to move forward and deliver an extensive range of high end leather bags and Handmade Rings. 

As we development and move the brand forward we will do so with your continuous support. 

In 2020 we have various exciting new collections and product designs in the works. 

We are excited and thrilled for you to be on this journey - 


Sharm Schaffler 

Written by Sharm Schaffler

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