Leather Travel Bag

Leather Travel Bag

With travel becoming more of a reality each day, many of us are planning our next big adventure. We can’t wait to help you plan by exploring some of the most unique and practical travel bags we have to offer. Aurelius Leather travel bags have been designed with the deepest level of thought in both functionality and aesthetics. The result is not only a highly practical and durable bag, but also one that makes an outstanding statement, no matter where you are planning to retreat…

So, what are the best travel bags for Summer? Depending on your purpose and style, we have a range of options, but have listed some of our best travel bags below to get you started…


  1. Branson Leather Weekend Bag – The Ultimate Adventurer


The Branson Leather Weekend Bag is the ultimate travel bag. It is a perfect example of full functionality and versatility in one bag. With multiple compartments and convenient pockets, it is guaranteed to hold everything you need for your next adventure. The Branson has over 20 creative new features that adapt seamlessly into your lifestyle including a padded laptop compartment and phone and battery storage on the side for easy access while travelling. No more reaching to the bottom of your bag for any last-minute items. As for the design…it speaks for itself… 100% authentic vintage Buffalo Leather and Brass Hardware YKK zips to ensure this bag will stand the test of time.

Branson Leather Travel Bag

If you’re after something similar to the Branson Leather Weekend Bag but with a different style of leather, check out the Cali Leather Weekend Bag. This bag is finished in a limited edition vintage light tan leather. This style of leather is flawless and will stay that way for years to come!

Cali Weekend Overnight bag


  1. Hunter Leather Duffle – The Greatest Companion

If you’re looking for something a little smaller and simpler for a weekend away, we have the perfect bag for you. The Hunter Leather Duffle was the first travel bag we designed here at Aurelius Designs and with it lies the belief that a well-made piece of leather reflects your personal journey. This overnight bag is smaller in comparison to some of our larger travel bags, which makes it easy to pick up and go! Everyone needs a bag like the Hunter Leather Duffle for those spontaneous trips, near or far. It’s the greatest companion to a full life.

Leather Duffle Bag


  1. Leather Collingwood Traveller Bag - An All-time Classic


What makes a style classic? It may be a lasting worth, or a timeless appeal. We think the epitome of this word is showcased in the Leather Collingwood Travel Bag. The vintage leather in the Collingwood Traveller Bag has a rustic feel and look, which will make it look appealing from all angles – displaying the leather in all its glory. If you’re trip includes air travel, get excited, because this bag is easily fitted into overhead carry-on, saving you both money and time! One of the most beautiful things about this leather is that as it ages, it will slowly soften and bring out various colours of the leather over time – allowing it to be truly and uniquely yours.

Leather Travel Bag


  1. Leather Kana Overnight Bag


Calling all gym-goers! This one’s for you. The Leather Kana Overnight Bag is ready for all aspects of your life – travel, gym, weekend trips & more! In fact, you may never need another bag again…with a shoe compartment, headphones clip and multiple pockets, you’ll be ready to hit the gym spontaneously, and always have everything you need to do it right. If you’re starting to work back at the office, this is also a great bag for when your lunch break transforms into work-out time! The Kana is super practical and has your back to ensure you save as much time as possible. It is also one of our bolder, more modern designs with a very neat shape, easily fitting into storage spaces at the gym or home.

Leather Gym Bag


Why Choose Aurelius Leather for your next Travel Bag?


Quality & Longevity –


When it comes to a travel bag, the last thing you want to do is shop for a new one every single year when planning your holiday! The best thing about leather travel bags is that they are designed to last for years and with the right care, can even last a lifetime. An Aurelius Leather Travel Bag will be truly ‘yours’ and you can keep it handy for whenever you pack up and hit the road.


Timeless Style & Unique Design –


Are you tired of having the same old look as everyone else? And just when you think you’ve found something different, you see it everywhere? The unique quality of leather is that it is famous for being timeless. It will never go out of style.

Each of these bags have their own character and unique differences. So, why not choose from our range of various options to suit your look and lifestyle? Shop the entire range of travel bags here to discover more about each product and find the perfect bag for your next adventure.

Vintage Leather Bag  


Written by Sharm Schaffler

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