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Why a Handmade Leather Bag is the Perfect Farmer's Market Tote

Australia has come a long way in the transition to a more sustainable future. In fact, recently Queensland has taken a huge step in this process by banning single-use plastics. As we all know, single-use plastic bags have been banned for use by retailers since 2018 in Queensland, but this further initiative of banning other single-used plastics like straws and cutlery is bound to spread awareness on the matter. This movement also allows people to take a step in the right direction by purchasing their own reusable products. So, if you are in the process of deciding on a practical, yet stylish everyday tote that can carry your belongings, groceries and more, read on to find out why an Aurelius Handmade Leather Tote is the perfect candidate… 

Famers Market Tote

  1. Leather is a Strong and Durable Material that will Last for Years

Handmade Leather Totes are one of the strongest and most durable materials on the market. There’s a reason that leather has been used for centuries for countless applications, bags being one of the most popular. Leather is strong enough to carry heavy items that you may have or go to buy out at the farmer’s market. On top of this, the resilience of leather makes these bags a great choice for everyday use. This means that your Handmade Leather Tote won’t need to be replaced every year. In fact, it is well-known that leather can last for up to a lifetime if well taken care of. It’s certainly comforting knowing that a bag that you will be using repeatedly will be in great condition for years to come! 

Vintage Leather Tote Bag


  1. Aurelius Leather is Soft and Comfortable for Everyday Use


When it comes to an everyday tote bag, comfort is undoubtedly one of the most crucial attributes. So, how comfortable is Aurelius Leather? Aurelius Leather is made from 100% Soft Vintage Leather, which has been used for centuries in India for bags. Not only is this type of leather strong enough to carry your everyday essentials but it is also soft enough to keep you feeling comfortable throughout use. This is partly due to the unique leather but is also due to the clever design of this tote bag. A lot of thought and initiative was applied to the process of creating these vintage leather bags to ensure that they create as little impact on your body as possible, so you can enjoy using them daily.

Farmers Market Tote

  1. Leather is a Timeless Material


Leather bags have a character that no other material can come close to matching. This character has been developed over centuries of use, in many cultures and traditions. This resourceful material is now used in almost every area of design and fashion. At Aurelius Designs we have taken this timeless material to a new level with our unique range of designs.

Rustic Leather Tote

    4. Aurelius Leather is Designed in Australia


When making the switch to sustainability, by choosing a bag that can be used for a variety of daily activities, why not also source locally? Aurelius Designs is located on the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia, where the products are designed with pen and paper and a thorough knowledge of what Australians need when it comes to an everyday tote. By choosing an Australian Leather Bag, you not only give back to your Australian community but also have the comfort of knowing that your product comes from a place with true passion and integrity.

 Farmers Market Tote

  1. Choose from a Range of Aurelius Designs


Everyone has their own style and preference when it comes to bags. This especially applies to bags for everyday use. It’s important when choosing a bag that will be yours for years that you feel it reflects your style and personality. Aurelius Designs has a range of different vintage leather bags that each have a varying colour, size, and design. Choose between rustic or classic and everything in between with our broad variety of leather totes. Some of the leather tote bags you can choose from are smaller, designed for carrying everyday essentials to and from work. Even the Bohdi Light Mini Tote Bag can fit a 15-inch laptop! While others are much larger and can carry all your groceries from a trip to the store or farmer’s market! 

Frida Leather Tote

The Frida Leather Bag is a perfect example of ultimate storage in a completely unique rustic design. This bag comes complete with a zip pocket to securely carry your smaller belongings, while the large exterior is designed to carry a lot more. These larger tote bags come with a shoulder strap for complete comfort and flexibility. If you’re after something that makes a statement, the newest addition to our range, the Kalindi Leather Tote Bag is for you. This bag is made from 100% authentic vintage Buffalo leather, finished in a one-of-a-kind Ruby Ash colouring, which provides a truly distinct aesthetic. In a similar coloured leather, the Indie Leather Mini Tote is perfect for your daily work and leisure.


Choose from our range of 8 carefully designed Handmade Leather Tote Bags here.


Aurelius Designs specialises in handmade leather bags, leather goods and vintage leather bags. We also sell a wide range of products including leather camera bags, baby backpacks, handmade leather totes, leather briefcases and leather overnight bags. We wish you the best in the process of choosing the perfect tote bag for you. If you need any help in making your choice, why not contact us, we’d be glad to help.

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Written by Sharm Schaffler

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