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A Rich History - The Story Behind our Production Team and Owners

Aurelius Designs was born in 2018 but the rich history of our production team dates back to almost a century ago and has grown strongly over three generations. 


In 1940, Abdul Ghani, now a devoted grandfather, began a career in shoe sales and developed a keen interest in leather – a sustainable bi-product of the industry. Abdul then moved on to sourcing raw leather from various parts of India and continued passionately in his profession for over 50 years.

 Raw Leather Production

His son, Arif, from a very young age knew he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and dreamed of opening a business with him. As soon as he was able to, he begged his father to teach him the trade, which led to him tanning and finishing leather in-house under the close guidance of his father.

Arif’s own son, Ghani, the eldest of four, grew up watching his father and grandfather and as soon as he was able, he completed a leather tanning course from the Central Leather Research Institute, Chennai – the biggest tanning institute in India. He did this because he wanted to increase the variety of products, they were able to create. 

Leather Production Handmade


In 2010 Arif's childhood dream was realised and they purchased their first factory with two more of his sons joining the business.


In 2016, the fourth brother, Younus, joined the business with a focus on creating vintage bags for modern day life. Their focus continues to be on creating high-quality, practical pieces for modern day life.


Handmade Leather


Meet the Owners


Aurelius Designs was born in 2018 by owners Sharm and Rowena. On one of his trips to India, Sharm heard about Arif and his high-quality leather craftmanship. This was the start of a wonderful partnership, built on true passion, that would continue on for many years to come.



For Sharm, Aurelius Designs is more than a business – it’s a symbol of vintage meets culture and honours the handmade traditions in leather. We wanted to create a piece of culture and experience that can be handed down from one generation to the next.


Sharm and Rowena are passionate owners and proud to work alongside a family of such rich history in leather production.


"For us there is nothing more thrilling then providing you with a well-made, personalized accessory that will last a life and be on hand to make your life easier. " - Sharm and Rowie


Rowena is the visionary behind Aurelius Designs – an extremely talented photographer and creative mind. Together they live in the beautiful Hinterland on the Gold Coast, Australia and continue to travel and create new designs over the years.


Their goal is simple; ‘design and deliver products with a difference that enable you to live a that life just a little bit more distinguished than before.’


Leather Travel Bag

Written by Sharm Schaffler

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